Workforce: Change the apparance of assignments lists

Idea created by espen_heroy on Jun 1, 2018

    The workers and dispatchers who use ArcGIS Workforce have suggested that the coordinates displayed in the assignment list is not really helpful, and they would rather have this displaying some of text. (When did you last use coordinates in the field to find a job-site?)


    The idea is to have the description (or a summary/or the first 100 characters of the description etc.) displaying underneath the title, instead of the coordinates (see sketch).


    The coordinates are well and good if you want the coordinates of an assignment, but its not really helpful if one wants to know the gist of what an assignment is about on a glance when looking trough the list.


    This change should be easy to implement in the full version, if not I would like to have the possibility to personalize/ set up workforce projects similarly to what you can do with ArcGIS online web-apps, where you can change the order off widgets and text fields to suit your needs.


    For example:

    Assignment type: Sewage  

    Description: Bring Hazmat eqpm. due to.....

    See below:

    sketch of suggestion

    Much easier to find the assignment on the list and easier to see what it is about!

    And if one need the coordinates, this should be available in the "details" section of the assignment. 



    If this question already have been answered, my apologies.