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Idea created by WarrenDz on May 31, 2018
    • matthewhmalone
    • WarrenDz
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    I think the searchbar in ArcGIS Online needs to be smarter. I'm looking for content in our organization and it seems to get hung up on spaces and strings that don't split into words?


    I uploaded a vector tile package named "CityMapBasemap", and weeks later I went looking for it. I knew the name included "City" so I searched for "City", "CityMap", "Basemap" and it never returned the content. I realize you can add wildcard symbols but this didn't work "CityMap%" didn't return anything. I don't think I should have to know the exact name of the content I'm looking for because that the reason I'm searching (I also had no idea which folder I'd stored it in). If I'm missing some vital information please let me know.