Port "Identify Route Locations" and "Set From/To" Linear Referencing Tools from ArcGIS 10.x to ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by JPHILLI2_TXDOT on May 31, 2018
    Partially Implemented

    Our organization (state govt. transportation) would love to make the transition from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, but the lack of some essential Linear Referencing tools which exist in ArcMap but not ArcGIS Pro is stopping us from switching over.  The most important of these tools to us are:

    Set From/To

    We are able to edit features and route them from within ArcGIS Pro, but if we are unable to set the To/From measures after editing, we still have to rely on ArcMap to do so.

    Identify Route Locations

    This is crucial for us to be able to work with routed tabular features (assets).  If we need to make an asset break at a certain location and edit its measure in the attribute table, we need to know what the measure is at the location which we wish to make the asset break.

    We've found that it may be possible to have a more robust Linear Referencing suite, but only in terms of Pipelines.  I think the addition of these tools would benefit many organizations such as ours who are seeking to make the transition to ArcGIS Pro.