Using the Business Analyst Mobile App, allow capturing location attributes and pictures without having to create a site (e.g. radius, drivetime, or walktime area) around the location

Idea created by SPrindle-esristaff Employee on May 17, 2018
    • john.m.dye
    • bryan.chandler_tscggis
    • jboyd170
    • ksmith06

    Business Analyst users need this enhancement to:


    • Have a quick way of capturing location information. They don’t have a need for creating sites at the first stage of capturing location information since a site is needed to get demographic facts and reports. They would like to save just the location attributes and pictures and create sites later.


    • Capture location information for multiple stores or buildings that are really close by (for example, in a mall or in an office complex). Currently, this is cumbersome since created sites for various store or building point locations start overlapping with each other – making it hard for users to capture the next close by point location.