MongoDb Type for AGS "config-store"

Idea created by harley on May 15, 2018
    • harley

    Chef, Cloud Formation, and Team Foundation Server are part of our DevOps tool kit used to develop and  manage the ArcGIS Enterprise. The GIS is a part of the AWS Cloud DoD unclassified information sharing service architecture. The VPCs within gov-cloud, have a STIG for encryption of data at rest, as well as, the high availability requirement to win the authorization to operate (ATO).  Windows Servers with DFS meets both requirements, however, this configuration is not supported for use with ArcGIS Server's "config-store".  Esri has a great solution for AWS using the DynamoDB to store the ArcGIS Server (AGS) "config-store" but there is not an option for encryption on gov-cloud yet.  There maybe other DoD reasons that would block using the AWS data storage service, so an alternative is needed.  Would it be useful to have the "config-store" type support for MongoDb, that way we could address the HA and the encryption of "data at rest" requirements?