Add go to row functionality in ArcGIS Pro Table view

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on May 15, 2018
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    I work with a lot of census data and row order can be very important. The reason for this is that census bureaus churn out their data invariably as Excel files which are almost always 100% non GIS friendly often requiring substantial editing before they can be joined to say admin boundaries.


    ArcGIS Pro is failing horribly with regards to basic table navigation and I've hit the wall again, I can't just go to a row number. I'm using tables with thousands of rows and hundreds a columns and sometime I need to go straight to a row number. In Arcmap you simply typed that in to the text box in the row navigator bit at the bottom of the table as shown below



    Currently you have to select a row based upon some attribute, which is terribly inefficient and then I still need to scroll to it as I'm interested in the values (because of row order) above/below the selected row. Anyone processing census data will understand the need for this.


    Pro desperately needs this functionality as well as the related ideas below, all asking for basic table navigation.