Dynamic Filter by Selected Feature

Idea created by AlisonJSlaats on May 14, 2018
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    • AlisonJSlaats
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    In Insights, I can use the “Filter by Selected Feature” function to select points (example: railroad crossings) that are within a selected polygon (example: county). I do this as described in the Help by dragging the county boundaries from the map card to the railroad crossings card and selecting the “Filter by Selected Feature”.


    This works if I have one county selected before I do the filter. But if I change the county selection in the first card, the railroad selection does not update in the other card. I'd like the behavior to be that if I select a different polygon feature (another county), that the selection is dynamically updated in the point features (railroad crossings) on the other card. So the filtered features would be dyanmically updated to reflect those that are subset by the new selected geographic area.


    Some users may want the selection to remain static, so perhaps there could be a checkbox that indicates whether the "Filter by Selected Feature" is static or dynamic to allow for both options. 


    Note: I submitted a ticket to Esri about this, and it currently is listed as an enhancement request. I'm not sure if that means it will be done for sure or not, but here is that number:

    • ENH-000113828: Provide functionality for Spatial Filters to dynamically update when interactively selecting features for the "Choose layer to filter by" layer in the Map Card