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Idea created by metotman on May 10, 2018
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    Below is a list of things I would like to be able to do in Insights for ArcGIS that do not appear to have been mentioned on GeoNet yet:


    1. Create scatter plots using the date/time field on the x-axis -> This is especially important for data that is not collected at a regular interval.
    2. Add multiple categorical fields to a pivot table
    3. Have Insights read and integrate domains and subtypes from a file or enterprise geodatabase -> This would allow me to view data from ArcGIS Collector without having to export it first.
    4. Project-level or page-level filtering rather than having to adjust the filters on each card
    5. Exclude specific points as potential outliers to see the impact on statistics and summary data
    6. Zoom-in and -out on time series data like I can for scatterplots -> This one is especially important to me as I have data that is tidally driven and would like to be able to look at the changes by tidal cycle, precipitation cycle, annual cycle, and multi-year without having to load a different data set for each analysis.
    7. Have Insights ignore text values such as "None" or "<1" to force a field to be treated as numerical


    If anybody knows how to do any of the above mentioned in Insights for ArcGIS already, please let me know!