Whose idea was it to use light grey text on a white background in the Get Coordinates widget?

Idea created by scott_mcgee_fws on May 9, 2018
    • scott_mcgee_fws

    What's with the current fad of web designers using light grey text on a white background? I'm speaking specifically of the WebApp Builder's Get Coordinates widget. When you click the Expand Output button, it shows the nearly invisible coordinates inside a text box. What's the point of that? Whose bright (dull) idea was this? It doesn't work. PLEASE, ESRI, make the text BLACK, so that it can be seen!



    Also, with regard to the Get Coordinates widget, the online Help states that the user can set the precision of the output coordinates. But there is no documentation on what formatting codes are required to do that. In my case, I want to change the default DMS output so that the Seconds value has only 2 decimal places instead of the 4 decimal places that the Get Coordinates widget shows by default. Does anyone have any idea what formatting codes to use in order to set the number of decimal places shown?