Save and Import Label Schema ArcGIS PRO

Idea created by shlousek on May 4, 2018
    • shlousek

    I'd like to be able to save a labeling schema similar to how we can save a layer file to define symbology but for labels.  I know this was suggested for ArcMap but never implemented.  Any chance we could get this feature in Pro?  


    Example: I make oil and gas maps and make lease maps.  I like to label the leases different colors based on whether they are Federal, State, or Fee (Private).  Each of these labels contains slightly different information so not only am I making label classes based on attributes but I'm also generating different labels for each class.   


    I'd LOVE to be able to save all this information and then when I make a new map just import the schema.  The work around I have been using is to drag and drop the layer from one map to the new one and then update the data source but that's more clunky in Pro than it was in ArcMap. (I haven't actually tried it yet)


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