Esri Event entitlements instead of UC entitlements

Idea created by john.m.dye on May 4, 2018

    Many of Esri's products include a prescribed number of 'Complimentary UC' and/or 'DevSummit' registrations. That's great except that some organizations end up with so many complimentary registrations to these events that many of them go to waste because the organization can't afford to send, say 30 people to San Diego for a solid week.


    However, the UC and DevSummit aren't the only Esri Events people might like to attend. Instead of providing named event registrations, such as UC and DevSummit, I would like to see these registrations be valid for any Esri Event.


    For example, if my workforce is geographically distributed, it might make more send for me to send 8 people to San Diego for the UC, 2 of my west coast based developers to DevSummit in Palm Springs, 2 of my East Coast based developers to DevSummit DC, some of my South Central users to the South West User Conference, East Coast Users to the Southeast UC, so on and so forth.


    Further, if I'm international organization, I'd probably be better served by being able to send EU folks to the European UC or DevSummit. 


    What I'm asking is that Esri give organizations the ability to maximize the value of complimentary event registrations. Don't name the event. If I have 30 complimentary event registrations, they should be valid for registering at any Esri Event that doesn't have attendance restrictions.