Geocoding: support separate House Number and Street Name fields

Idea created by MikeRoss on May 3, 2018
    Already Offered

    I've worked in several municipalities, and almost every data extract or spreadsheet I've seen has the house number and the street name broken into separate fields, eg:

    table of addresses with typical fields for House Number and Street Name

    The input parameters for geocoding in Desktop and Pro require this as a single field.  The user has to go through the extra step of concatenating these fields, prior to geocoding.  This is trivial for an advanced user, but it can be a dead-end for less experienced users.

    I've taught a lot of GIS trainings, and this is a real problem for a lot of people.


    I'd like to see the interface that expanded to include the option of separate house number and street name fields.

    field mapping with more parameter options

    (not sure how the interface would look - this is just an example.)