Add XY Coordinates to Geotagged Photos to Points Attribute Table Automatically

Idea created by klograsso_osmregeo on May 2, 2018
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    • klograsso_osmregeo
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    In our agency, we have scientists who collect photographs in the field. These photographs are typically geotagged with a latitude and longitude. Using the GP tool "Geotagg Photos to Points" is super helpful in plotting those photographs, but one enhancement that would be beneficial is for the tool to also add the XYZ coordinates to the attribute table of the new feature or shapefile.


    The reason this would be helpful to me and possibly others, is because it would take out an extra step in a workflow. The users wouldn't have to use the GP tool "Add XY Coordinates" to add the latitude and longitude and z, to the table.


    This information would also be helpful if the points were uploaded to ArcGIS online, and the pop-up reads the XYZ so the end-user has that information at his or her disposal.