Pro: Removing then re-adding a tab in customization shouldn't require a reset

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Apr 27, 2018
    • jyh
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    (Enhancement) This may be a case of me not finding the right way to do this, but I've looked hard, and asked someone else and they get the same thing. 



    Chance are slim to none that I'll ever use the Imagery "Tab" ribbon thingy. 




    Do some more Ribbon Customization


    Oh ****. I just got a project where I need to do something with Imagery (despite telling folks to ask someone else to do it...)


    Let's add that Tab back....


    Can't do this: 

    I have to do something like this, and I have no idea what was in the Tab when I removed it. 


    I could just "Reset", but that gets rid of my Sasquatch Tab (very important tab....). 


    And my hacking doesn't quite get the tab back the way it was. It would be Handy if there was a "Reset" Tab option, instead of reset the whole Ribbon.