Pro: Custom Sort should honor resizing attribute field widths

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Apr 27, 2018
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    In Pro 2.1.2 add a feature class to a map, where the feature class has many attribute fields, and many of those fields are controlled by a coded value domain. 


    Open the Attribute Table, and Go into an Edit Session:


    Define a custom sort where ONE of the sortable attributes is off-screen (far to the right), and one of the sortable attributes is domain controlled: 


    Resize one of the attribute fields so you can see the entire string (where present). Don't use the pen tools in the Snipping App while you're holding your laptop on a hammock.....


    Change a value in the other sorted attribute field, where it is controlled by a domain. 



    Click somewhere else. Note how the field width has returned to default...


    Very frustrating, especially if your edits in one field are being driven by having to see the full text in another field. The width goes back to default on refresh too. 


    By comparison, this is not the behavior in Arc.