Better background options for Survey123 online

Idea created by cmaldonadoesri-cl-esridist Employee on Apr 26, 2018
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    I was trying to set a custom background for a survey but i saw that the only options are the ones that the online platform  gives me, on the appearance/themes options you only have 5 backgrounds and 5 types of background colors and non of them works on the style of survey that i'm looking for.


    Survey123 Online Appearance/themes options

    I also download the "survey123 connect" app and i saw that the options that i want (custom image background and hex color menu) are available but when i upload the survey i cant edit them online.


    Survey123 Connect appearance/themes options


    I want to know if there's a possibility to put those options on the online app so me and the clients can make a better style surveys in the awesome "user friendly" interface that survey123 online has, or maybe an html edit option so people with a little bit of html knowledge can make a more custom survey.