Remove Living Atlas content from My Organization's Featured Content

Idea created by joyoung_kerrvilletx on Apr 20, 2018

    Please redesign the way Living Atlas content is connected to ArcGIS Enterprise. Currently, when I enable access to the Living Atlas content it adds the content as items in my Portal and treats the Living Atlas content as if it is part of my Portal deployment. This makes it very difficult for my users to find content that has been created by members of our organization. Why is there even a tab on the Gallery for "Esri Featured Content" when all that content is already being presented in "My Organization's Featured Content"?


    The other issue occurs when you use "Search for Layers". When a user types in "transportation" they get a bunch of results from the Living Atlas well before any content from our Portal shows up on the lists of results. "Search for Layers" with the filter set to my organization should only search for my organization's content. Why is there even a separate filter for Living Atlas Layers when they already appear in the main filter?