Please make the ArcGIS Pro Ribbon more customizable.

Idea created by ctownsend_2017 on Apr 13, 2018
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    *Posting here because there isn't a category for ArcGIS Pro - Sorry!*


    I would like to make up some custom menu tabs for ArcGIS Pro and I'm finding it excruciatingly limiting. For example, if you create a custom tab, or edit an existing one, you can't re-order it with the other tabs, like you can with MS office products. Office, for example has move up move/down buttons on the right (see attachments). Pro does not have this functionality. Moreover, when you add a new group, make it so that you can add an options button to get back vto the options window instead of having to click on Project and get taken out of your map session.


    There's a bug. If you delete the group name, you cannot get back into that group to add or remove tools. The little expandable triangle thing disappears. The only option is to delete the group and start again.


    Also, can it be possible to reorder things on the quick access toolbar, so that you can group certain tools together, e.g. right-click "Move tool" or Customize quick access toolbar. Again, this functionality is available in Office products like excel, word etc.


    Finally, can it be possible to add groups and tools directly to a ribbon tab, e.g. Right-click on the massive amount of wasted empty space in the Data tab and "Add New Group" > Add Tool" and "Remove Group > "Remove tool"


    Thanks in advance.