Pro: Show Portal Content in Catalog View

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Apr 7, 2018
    • tpcolson

    In Pro Catalog view, when connected to AGOL, I should be able to click on a folder in the left doo-hickey and see the contents of the folder in the right thingy. 

    I have to double-click on a folder to see its contents.

    This is how I would expect it to work: 


    Arc does more to meet my need in this regard, albeit, showing me everything in AGOL without the folders, which is a pain, as I have many hundreds of hosted FC's: 



    However, in Arc, AGOL aside,  when clicking on a Folder in the Catalog Tree (left doohickey), I can see the contents in the contents pane (right thingy), and easily go from folder to folder, even in different network shares, without a lot of clicking, and see folder and GDB contents in the right very rapidly, something I can't do in Pro without at least 3 times as much clicking (more time, less efficient, work slower, get less done per day).