Independent Map Layers in Connected Layouts

Idea created by JDWOS19 on Apr 6, 2018

    Hello. Today I sat down to create a Project Template for a type of project that we frequently do at my company. These projects require us to submit about a dozen different maps to local and state government for permits, funding, etc. The dozen maps are always the same (wetlands, floodzones, census tracts, project site location, etc).


    I wanted the template to work similar to how AutoCAD handles viewports and model space. I wanted one Map with all the necessary layers and twelve Layouts. From there, I wanted each Layout to independently be able to show the necessary layers and hide the unnecessary ones and not change all Layout views. Because then what is the point of having multiple Layouts if they all end up showing the same info.


    After some work, I realized the only way to accomplish what I wanted with ArcGIS Pro is the same way ArcMap would handle this. That is, copy/paste a Map twelve times and turn off/on the layers needed along with associated labels that link to twelve individual Layouts. Just like ArcMap with MXDs having one Map and one Layout.


    So it is my suggestion that Layouts be able to 'freeze out' layers of a linked Map independently.




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