Better Query Dialog for the AGOL Operations Dashboard

Idea created by gis_se on Apr 2, 2018
    • mvolz47
    • rogermesengeotec
    • gis_se
    • balajiveera

    It would be great to have a simplified query/filter dialog in the Operations Dashboard Builder in AGOL. I worked with an ESRI analyst for a couple of months to figure it out, and finally we got it! However, it is very convoluted. It would be nice to have a similar dialog to the one you see in web maps and web app builder. The ability to do complex queries (like multiple OR statements inside of AND statements) is there, but it does not allow you to set it up easily. There should also be a verify query button, or a SQL view to show your expression in SQL terms. Below is a screen shot of what it CURRENTLY looks like, and what it SHOULD look like. As you can see, Operations Dashboard makes you spell out the query in the most detail possible. Web app builder has a cleaner interface that is more intuitive. Please Vote!!!