Add the Focus Dataframe Drawing toolbar for PRO cartography abilities

Idea created by Kalispell on Mar 30, 2018

    Creating labels, text or shapes with the Focus data frame toolbar is not included in Pro. 


    The feature that was in ArcMap needs to be included into Pro for efficient Cartography worklfows.  The setback, for example, is that if you create a rectangle with text inside and move the map then all the graphics loose position.  The work around is to create annotation and to build a database for polygons and lines.  Annotation is not as flexible and looses the ability that the focus data frame/drawing toolbar offered.  Most GIS professionals are putting there attention on editing and AGOL workflows with Pro, which is by far superior than ArcMap.  However, building maps with Pro is a setback and the focus data frame toolbar/drawing toolbard needs to be added as ArcMap currently works. 


    Try building a map in Pro with annotation and new feature classes for drawing shapes and you'll see the frustration.  I attended a class in Broomfield CO and brought this up and their response was well received and the instructor showed me the ability is lost and that annotation and features classes is the work around.  They suggested an email to Jack Dangermond and to submit this to IDEAS.  I've done both and have received a response from Jack saying that "it's a matter of priorities".   I can't argue with priorities but for Cartographers its a setback.  The focus of Pro now is AGOL, EDITING & SHARING.   Please vote and pass this along, and at least give this work an experiment in Pro, you'll see the frustration!


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    email to Jack Dangermond:


    I attended a week long class in Broomfield CO for ‘Essential Pro Workflows’, it was excellent!


    However, it was not as expected when I came to the mapping section.  I learned that the FocusDataFrame & Drawing toolbar has been discontinued.  This means that a cartographer can’t make labels that move with the map.  Many times I create planning maps that are very complex with numerous labels including; text, arrows, circles, boxes and other graphics.  Almost every time I make these maps I will have co-workers ask me to move the map north/south/east or west at the very end of production.  In ArcMap I could move the map and the labels would follow along with the correct lat/long, everything in the map would maintain its place. 


    In Pro the ability is gone.

    I asked my instructors, -------- and --------, and they both agreed it’s a setback and loss to cartographers. Their suggestion was to put this on to ArcGIS Ideas and that emailing you would be an option.

    Today I created a case with ESRI and the representative agreed to the point he created a suggestion for enhancement, case #02086531


    I make a living working with ESRI software and appreciate you letting me email you!


    Take care"


    Response from Jack


    "Thanks Jason,

    I’ll look at this and have some of our people get  back to you. As you know we intend to continue support for arc map for many years into the future but your suggestion about what we should add to pro is good and at this point it’s a matter of priorities, what we get in first and what comes a little later. We are seeing a lot of uptake a pro across the world as it is finishing replicating all of the arc that functionality.
    Warm regards