Pro: Keep ID Window open while editing

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Mar 27, 2018
    • KShakarjian@nps.gov_nps
    • tpcolson

    This may be a duplicate, but I can't find another idea similar to this. In Arc Map, when using the identify tool to "explore" a feature, I can then grab the create feature tool for another feature(class), digitize the edit, then populate some attributes. The identify results window stays open during this workflow, as it should, as I'm perhaps looking at some attributes of what I ID'ed to drive geometry and attribute edits of what I'm editing. Not so in Pro. Click on a feature in Pro in the Explore Ribbon, the minimal ID results window pops up, click on Create in the edit tab, bye bye ID results window. Incredibly frustrating. In fact, I can't edit like that. Had to go back to Arc to finish a deadline project.