Symbolize Layers that Have attachments

Idea created by Riverside Champion on Mar 26, 2018
    • mtaftferguso_UMass_Amherst
    • kmayall
    • gather_admin

    If I am doing mobile work and I want to visit all the sites in the field where attachments exist in a web map and skip the features where there are no attachments, this would be a useful feature for one of our AGOL mobile workflows.  The attachments in this case are building records, and the Appraiser needs to verify whether the records on hand are accurate to what is on the ground.  Currently, It seems like I need to open every record, regardless of whether there is a attachment or not.


    I think having additional capabilities would be useful, such as filtering, hiding all records without Attachments would be cleaner and easier for mobile staff.  Also, being able to determine where we don't have attachments visually and where we need an attachment.  Being able to symbolize with other variables would make the web map for useful as well.