Save partially completed survey as favorite in Survey123

Idea created by nzmalc on Mar 25, 2018
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    It would be useful to be able to save a partially completed form as 'favorite answers'.


    As an example, we have a form for building inspections after an earthquake/flood. The first part of the form is generally always the same for each user e.g. Name, ID, phone number etc. but the rest is variable.


    It would be good if the user could fill out the fields which remain the same, and then set these as the 'Favorite Answer'. Then complete the rest of the survey. Then in the next survey, paste in the favorite answers and only have the fields populate that were filled in at the time the favorite answers were saved in the previous survey.


    Currently, all the fields are pasted from the previous survey, even if they were filled out after setting the 'Favorite Answers'.