Different levels of Editors in ArcGIS Online

Idea created by psingleton_stantec on Mar 20, 2018
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    Currently in ArcGIS online, the editing of a features attributes and geometry has to be set universally. I need to have different editing rights for different users for the same hosted feature service. The easiest way to do this seems like it would be to use the already-assigned roles within an Organization. For example, Publishers can be given the rights to a hosted feature service to edit attributes AND geometry, while standard users can update the attributes ONLY.


    Collector makes it too easy to accidentally drag polygons and vertices around while trying to only edit the attributes. I have had several times where a polygon dataset ended up all overlapping because non-GIS users accidentally editing the geometry while editing. Alternatively, if I enable the update of attributes only the GIS users are not able to add additional polygons to the dataset that may be needed. I was able to work around this in ArcMap by giving users elevated editing roles, but in ArcGIS Pro this workflow no longer works because the step to create the local copy no longer exists. The direct connection to ArcGIS Online does not care about your role in the organization. All roles, even Administrators, are given the same exact editing rights.