Save Feature Classes to in_memory workspace in ArcGIS Pro Map

Idea created by daniel.interrante.phl on Mar 14, 2018

    I work for a large city which requires me to work with rather large datasets that are shared over enterprise.  Working in ArcGIS Desktop, a basic part of my workflow involves saving feature classes I intend to work with to the in_memory workspace before doing any kind of analysis.  I do this to avoid hogging bandwidth on the enterprise and to avoid the 10 + minute download time some of these take to save locally.  This has become so ingrained in my workflow that my colleagues and supervisors expect me to accomplish tasks in a short amount of time that I can only perform using this method.  I've attempted to migrate over to ArcGIS Pro but upon learning that in_memory is only reserved for use within tools this has kept me from fully migrating.