View Parent Features in 1:MANY Relationship Class

Idea created by ksadrak on Mar 12, 2018
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    Currently collector shows features participating in a relationship class from a top -> down / parent -> child type relationship(1:M).  This works when viewing the feature from the highest level.  I would like to be able to select a feature that is a 'child' or "M" feature in a relationship class and view its related feature.


    We have a 1:MANY relationship setup.  Both items are feature classes.  There are times when we want to query / select something from the MANY side of the relationship and then, from the view feature window, we want to know what it is related to it going backwards, i.e 1<-M.  We know that since it is part of the Many in the relationship there will always be a related feature.


    This functionality is possible with the Server REST endpoints, we would like it implemented inside collector.

    This is also part of an enhancement request: #02056359

    More info can be provided if needed.