Filter Living Atlas Content in Portal

Idea created by rozekc_washtenaw Champion on Mar 8, 2018
    • rozekc_washtenaw
    • MeghanL
    • crafty762

    The configuration of Living Atlas content in Portal is limited to having it or not, and then if you want subscriber and/or premium content available. I would like to have better filtering capabilities on the Living Atlas content so my local government users aren't overwhelmed with content they'll never use. For example, searching for simply "boundaries" results in the helpful ESRI world boundaries and places layer, but also separate layers for European country boundaries that they'll never use.

    Current solutions: Downloading the content and hosting it yourself, which defeats the purpose of using ESRI maintained layers for us since they'll need to be manually updated. Limitation of results to specific languages, which doesn't filter out English content for other countries. Sorting search results by owner, but that doesn't help make the results less overwhelming.

    Preferred solutions: The best solution would be to designate a boundary and only show content that intersects it. Another solution would be to implement the toggle seen below in ArcGIS Online where you can filter content by if it's from your organization or not. While it doesn't remove content that my users won't ever use, at least it can hide it while still providing access to other Living Atlas layers when they need them.


    ArcGIS Online:


    Portal 10.6: