Storymap (cascade): Multi-user edit and/or check-in/check-out mechanism

Idea created by Guus.Klaas_stedin on Mar 7, 2018
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    A massive hit in our organisation is the storymap configured app, and in particular the cascade template then. So much so that our scrum teams post their reviews in the storymaps, and a lot of their users in marketing pretty much do the same.


    One issue we keep running into is user A opening a story map to edit, and user B deciding to do the same, and well... whoever saves last... determines the outcome, overwriting the poor other users' edits. Sadly they occasionally only find this out right as they are about to go on a big screen in front of a crowd...


    We'd like it to be that these storymaps could be either:

    • Version managed with merge/roll back functionality
    • Multi-user edit
    • Prevent-overwrite (such as classic network shared MS Office files: "this is open for edit by user X, you can not save changes")