ArcGIS Pro - Publish Metadata with Web Layer

Idea created by tminterWork on Mar 6, 2018
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    In ArcGIS Pro, when I "Share As Web Layer" to ArcGIS Online, ensure that my meticulously crafted, validated, maintained, required, and valuable FGDC CSDGM metadata is published to the resulting ArcGIS Online "Feature Layer (hosted)" item's "Metadata" repository.


    • Do the same when the ArcGIS Pro "Layer Type" is "Tile" and "Vector Tile", too.
    • Do the same when my target environment is (portal?) ArcGIS Enterprise instead of ArcGIS Online.
    • Give me the ability to redact the Geoprocessing history and redact any other automatically added system details that I don't want to expose in support of fairly decent security practices such as database names, schema, table names, etc.
    • Maybe start a holistic "ArcGIS Pro handles metadata" vision with some principles of decision-making like:
      • "data and metadata are not separable, so keep them together"
      • "data is incomplete and just not very valuable without metadata, as we all know from long experience"
      • "when providing validation capabilities, test and fix code carefully and holistically so validation results in valid metadata without regression"
      • etc.