Restore Row from Archive Table

Idea created by MPCGroup_Admin on Mar 5, 2018
    • MPCGroup_Admin

    Recently had an issue in which a user deleted an entire feature instead of a feature part. Given the Feature class has Archiving and versioning enabled I thought that this would be no problem to restore the row to the Live dataset. This however is deceptively difficult.

    As the feature class participates in a replica workflow I thought I just had to ensure the globalID was maintained when it was restored but I have as yet been unable to restore the row to the replica workflow whilst maintaining the history in the archive table.


    What would be great is a tool in which one or more rows could be reinstated back to the main table from the Archive table almost like an undo geoprocessing tool, however one that participates in the Archiving process. Restore these features to this point in time whilst maintaining the rest of the features as current.