ArcGIS Pro: Add edit / navigate icons to the table panel menu

Idea created by sraretail on Mar 2, 2018
    • rmosher
    • tpcolson
    • sraretail

    It would be great to add icons that are frequently used when creating, modifying, or saving features to the table / fields panel menu.


    Table Panel Menu


    Users are often editing feature data when a data table is open.  When editing, they frequently need to be able to use pan, zoom, and locate features--while still maintaining an edit session.


    I find myself constantly switching from the locate panel, to the Edit ribbon to create a feature, to the table to add data about a feature, to the Edit ribbon to save updates, back to the explore icon to navigate.  If editing tools were available from the table panel menu it would streamline the process of creating and modifying features.


    Thanks for considering this idea.