Change the name of "ArcGIS Pro" to "ArcPro"

Idea created by adec.pcpalmer on Feb 22, 2018
    Not in Current Product Plan

    We have, or have had, "ArcMap", "ArcView", "Arc____" (no space between "Arc" and the product name).  The recent ESRI product line appears to have transitioned to a naming convention "ArcGIS _____" (with a space between "ArcGIS" and the product name). It used to be relatively simple to search for product support, but now everything "ArcGIS XXXXX" gets lumped into simple searches. It has become increasingly difficult to find product-specific support.  For example, if I type in a popular search engine (you know the one ;-)), "arcgis pro edit feature layer", I get various results for both "ArcGIS Pro" and "ArcGIS Desktop". I realize that there may be advanced searching techniques, but I don't think I'm alone in not being proficient at these. Please consider reverting back to the naming convention "Arc___" without the "space". Thank you!