Near Me Widget - Duplicate Image

Idea created by ajherhold on Feb 16, 2018
    • ajherhold

    I have an issue with the "Near Me" widget duplicating images from my attribute table.



          - I am making a simple web app and want to show some basic information and an image for each point (images          stored as URL in attribute table)
          - I also want to insert the "Near Me" widget so people can see what's near them.

          - To add, when using the web app, I want to image to show up in the popup as well as in the Near Me widget info            pane.


    Current Conditions:

          - In order to show the specific info (name, more info, image) in a point's popup, I configured a custom popup in the           web map using attributes in the point layer's attribute table. This popup configuration CANNOT be changed.

          - Each point in my layer has a specific URL for each image (images are stored online).

          - The popups look great, with a simple custom configuration of text and image (shows up well in web map and app).


    The Problem:

          - The Near Me widget automatically reads the URL from my image attribute field and inserts the photo into the Near         Me info pane.

          - Thus, when viewing a point using the Near Me widget, I see my custom popup (with text, image, etc.) AND a       duplicate image below my popup information.

          - I need the custom popup configuration in my web app, the exact way I configured it in my web map (text, image,       text), but when I do this, there is no way to prevent the Near Me widget from automatically inserting an image IN ADDITION to the popup configuration.



          - There needs to be an option to turn off this automatic sourcing of images from my attribute table in the Near Me              widget configuration.

          - Esri has already said that this issue is not a bug, but it's bothersome, and it prevents the capability of inserting       customized popups in a web app with an image sourced from the attribute table WITHOUT duplicating that image in       the Near Me widget results pane.


    Popup w/ Custom Configuration (using attributes in attribute table, image sourced via URL):



    Near Me Info Pane for same point (notice the duplicate image below the "popup" configured section):

    *** There is not way to prevent the second (lower) image from showing up in the Near Me Info Pane ***





    - Tony