Multiple Portals for a Single Enterprise Deployment

Idea created by ykkwonesrikr-esridist Employee on Feb 6, 2018
    Partially Implemented
    • cdough
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    • bschneidK12

    Portal is awesome way to highlight key content and make important information visible to users. What if we could create multiple Portals for different Groups in an organization?


    Currently, we use Groups within ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise as a way to control content sharing within an organization. But in large organizations, these Groups may contain many tens or hundreds of information products, which may be difficult to search. We have also come across organizations who want to sell service of their on-premise Web GIS deployment to other departments/organizations without having to force those organizations to set up/manage their own on-premise infrastructure.


    So my idea is this...what if if we are able to set up a Portal for groups within a single deployment? The group owners can have the option of activating this feature within their groups and designate which content to show up on the group's Portal and users (based on their group membership) can choose to see which Portal to see once they login (organizational portal, group A, group B, etc).


    This will be most useful for large organizations with many named-users, but I think it will help increase engagement and create better user experience for non-power users.