ArcGIS Pro Georeferencing Needs Input XY & DMS Options

Idea created by Willylynch on Feb 6, 2018
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    Glad to see ArcGIS Pro Georeferencing tools since v2.0  They are good in current v2.1 but need a little tweaking to have some of the excellent functionality I have been using in ArcMap for a long time-- specifically the need to enter both local XY coordinates and "Input DMS of Lon and Lat" (wording from ArcMap georeferencing toolbar).  It is very common to have an image in UTM projected spatial reference but have only geographic coordinates on the image.  The workflow now is to switch the map reference to GCS, enter the values and return to the original UTM spatial reference.  This is awkward, slow and a bit too difficult.  The explanation I got from Esri Support was "DMS is only available for projections that should be stored in DMS (such as WGS1984)".   My idea--please bring back the "Input DMS" along with Input XY in the same dialog.  See comparison to ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro 2.1 below.ArcGIS Pro Enter Coordinates Options vs ArcMap Input XY or DMS Options