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Idea created by francis.hourigan on Feb 2, 2018

    There are some basic and advanced features that would be nice to have in the Insights roadmap. I have been primarily used the Insights for ArcGIS Web App, these ideas pertain to that version.

    1. In a workbook, the page tabs should be movable. I would like to rearrange the page order after creating the different pages.

    2. It would be ideal if I could view pages side-by-side and drag cards from one page to another. This is especially for preserving the smart symbology colors between pages.

    3. I would also like to be able to share a workbook page into another workbook and have the page added as a new page tab.

    4. It would also be nice to use a map extent to dictate the related card data. For example, if zoom into a group of polygons and I have a chart that shows total acres, the total should reflect the acres of only the polygons in the map extent not all the acres in the attribute table or related CSV or Excel table.

    5. I would like to be able to link a database in the Insights for ArcGIS Online version.

    6. I would like to be able to view the attribute table in the View-Only version of insights, either as a card or a stand-alone table.

    7. I would like to see the percentages of each bubble and donut chart as labels for each piece of the chart.

    8. It would be nice to have a refresh button to update Excel or CSV table instead of having to bring in the new version of the table and update it manually.


    Thank you!


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