ArcGIS Pro Named User License Borrowing

Idea created by bixb0012 Champion on Jan 31, 2018

    Esri REALLY needs to implement configurable license borrowing for ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses.



    • ArcGIS Pro users can take a license offline, but the license is offline until the license expires, which can be a year or longer into the future.
    • ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses can be "released."  For Portal, the process isn't too bad, but releasing Pro Named Users licenses issued through AGOL is a huge pain.
    • ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses can be blocked from offline use, but that is a sledge hammer when we really need a finish hammer.
    • ArcGIS Pro license borrowing is possible through Concurrent Use licensing (I think), but that involves standing up yet-another-licensing-mechanism.


    For an organization with 10,000+ potential ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap and/or Pro) users, locking/losing ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses is not an uncommon occurrence.  Casual GIS user:  Wait?  I was supposed to return my offline license before re-imaging my computer?  Since Pro Named User licenses in Portal come with access and licensing issues, ArcGIS Online is a tempting alternative except for the huge hassle it is releasing those licenses through Esri Support.


    ArcGIS Pro Named User license borrowing would provide another tool in the toolbox for large organizations to manage licenses.  Allowing both the administrator to restrict and user to set a borrowing duration would cut down on the number of named user licenses that have to be released.