Set parameters to topology rules

Idea created by goh_raj on Apr 27, 2010
    For example, our parcel polygon dataset has gaps for the right-of-ways. I'd like a way to say:
    Parcel Polygons must not have gaps, flag all less than _____ square feet.
    This is to exclude the very large gaps (ROWs) and flag all the small gaps like missing polygons, little slivers, etc.
    The user should also be able to go back and refine the ____ square feet, similar to when you can change the tolerance after creating a topology.

    We also have large "area of interest" (AOI) polygons that follow along parcel lines.  We are using:
    AOI boundary must be covered by Parcel Lines, but there are areas where the AOI boundary needs to cross ROWs to meet parcel lines.  I would like to one day choose:
    AOI boundary must be covered by Parcel Lines, flag error greater than _____ feet/miles. 
    This is to exclude all the little "connecting lines" that should be exceptions and flag areas when the boundary is completely off.  Thanks.