Record macro option in ArcMap

Idea created by 1_GuusClaessen on Apr 27, 2010
    Not in Current Product Plan

    I think a record macro option should increase a lot of people's workspeed with ArcMap, without needing highend programming skills, similar as in MS Excel. How much I love making macro's in for instance Microsoft Excel, right now I'm not ambitious enough to take courses to learn the perfect way to code them or other scripts. The same applies for ModelBuilder, which I do use, but takes a bit too much time for the shorter projects.


    I still want to be able to speed up a lot of processes, for instance for a short meeting where I need to show data run small scripts to show some effects of calculations or the big interactive meetings. A record macro option could help with this and at the same time give a bit of learning-by-doing for making macros. This might apply to a lot of other users.