Crowdsource input for Street data in ESRI Base maps

Idea created by on Jan 19, 2018
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    Provide a means both through a web-based editor and tools in ArcMap / Pro that would allow ESRI users to provide input to the street data presented in the ESRI base maps / routing data. 


    Much like the approach taken by others such as OSM this would allow users who have a vested interest in the accuracy of street data to provide updates, input new streets, and fix issues.  ESRI Base maps are fantastic however inaccuracies or missing street data has been a source of constant negative feedback from users in our organization since we started using them in our web-based apps in 2010.


    I understand for a number of years there has been maps to provide base map feedback ( ) however the turn around for these corrections can be years which is completely unacceptable.