Create Disconnected Replica XML File through ArcCatalog

Idea created by mstull on Jan 18, 2018

    Today I had to create a replica of my entire local Enterprise Geodatabase for a disconnected environment / setup.  This required me to add all the feature classes in my Enterprise GeoDB to ArcMap and then use the Create Replica Wizard (in ArcMap) to create the XML file that I needed to create my replica geodatabase on my cloud server.


    I would like to see the Create Replica tool in ArcCatalog have the ability to create the XML file needed for setting up a disconnected replica (instead of having to do it through ArcMap which less efficient). 


    Also, the help files not make it totally clear about what you are supposed to do after you make the XML file.  From the way I read it, it just assumes you know that you should create a new empty geodatabase on your remote server and then import the XML file.  


    Thanks for your consideration!