ArcLogistics ParaTransit unload/load time should be more intelligent

Idea created by KristofferBinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Apr 27, 2010
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    When working with paired orders, - and especially with paratransit (Trip Requests) we frequently see that many passengers are picked up or unloaded at the same location.

    In the import routine you can specify how long it will take to pickup/unload a passenger.

    Now when many passengers are Picked up or unloaded at the same location, the time will just be a plain summary of all the numbers. But in reality this i s not the case.
    In the real world a pickup/unload of many passengers is comprised of at least 2 time factors.

    • Time to park the vehicle
    • Time to load/unload passengers

    The load/unload time may be linear (but not neccesarily) but the time to park the vehicle is only performed once. So it is desirable to have a more intelligent way to deal with stoptime in AL and paired orders.


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