Send individual routing report as attached document to vehicles email address

Idea created by KristofferBinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Apr 27, 2010
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    Today AL supports sending an individual *.grf file to the vehicle.

    On the more low-tech side, it would be really nice, if there was an option to create individual pdf-documents with the routes, and attach this document to an email to the vehicles email address.

    We often encounter that our AL customer already has purchased GPS technology fra Garmin, TomTom or the like.
    Hence it is really difficult to sell the AL Navigator solution. But what the customers would really like, is an easy way to distribute route documents..

    And to this end, I find that a pdf attached to an email, would be a real edge, in the competition.

    Best regards
    Kristoffer W Beck
    Informi GIS A/S