Change default behavior to resampling: "true" for tiled services

Idea created by kmsagis on Jan 9, 2018

    Simple idea: ArcGIS Server: allowing tile resampling. 


    Change default behavior to resampling: "true" for tiled services.  This setting is not explosed as discoverable.  It is somewhat related to  Resample and Stretch All Image Services 


    How To: Enable resampling for a map service in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory 


    This would actually be huge. It would be very, very appreciated by end users. Many organizations creating tiled imagery are probably not aware of this. It would significantly enhance end user experience with viewers and imagery.


    This would be a "safe" default. Currently, this setting is not exposed. At least in 10.2.2. Correct me if it has been explosed in 10.6 or earlier. A lot of the REST API is obscure or non-discoverable and it would be good to continue exposing select settings like this. (Not all, just important or commonly requested ones such as this particular setting)