Change default behavior to resampling: "true" for tiled services

Idea created by kmsagis Champion on Jan 9, 2018

    Simple idea: ArcGIS Server: allowing tile resampling. 


    Change default behavior to resampling: "true" for tiled services.  This setting is not explosed as discoverable.  It is somewhat related to  Resample and Stretch All Image Services 


    How To: Enable resampling for a map service in the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory 


    It would significantly enhance end user experience with viewers and imagery.


    This would be a "safe" default. Currently, this setting is not exposed. At least in 10.2.2. Correct me if it has been exposed in 10.6 or earlier. A lot of the REST API is non-discoverable and it would be good to continue exposing select settings like this. (or just commonly requested ones such as this particular setting)