ArcGIS Online Export of App and Content Reports

Idea created by michael.grove on Jan 4, 2018
    Partially Implemented

    The idea would be to be able to export an Excel/CSV of a report which includes all services, apps, content, etc that is in an Organization.  The report would include information already available in the "View Status" portion of Organization management but listed per app/service/etc.  Credit usage is secondary concern but could be included, if needed.


    Rather than click through apps and content one by one, the report would have the app with its owner, usage/hits, groups, other stats, as well as web maps referenced, etc.  A single report couple be exported to a manager who could then filter or pivot the table as needed to create overviews of utilization, engage with other users and publishers regarding item management, and identify commonalities.


    This would be a huge help for administrators who need to report on usage and RoI as well as keep an eye on item management workflows.



    #AGOL management #AGOL status