Icon labels in Web App Builder

Idea created by btagis on Dec 27, 2017
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    We're looking to deploy some of our public GIS functionality to ArcGIS Online, specifically using Web App Builder. We're a local authority, and have a user base with the full range of abilities.


    Unfortunately, we have issues with the usability of this template - obviously a map-based website isn't going to meet all WAI standards; I mean usability in a more pragmatic sense. We're going to be using the legend, layer list and basemap widgets for everything, but to my mind their icons are going to be fairly impenetrable to the general public user.


    Come again? Funky ladder, exploded sandwich.... is that a pizza?



    I'd like to be able to toggle labels on and off. I appreciate this will require some tweaks to margins and so on, and will not work at all well for the vertically stacked layouts, but for another 15 or so pixels in height, automated width & 5 pixel padding you can have this:


    Which won't terrify our older or less confident users nearly as much as renditions of foodstuffs. They came here to find out where to vote...


    Flippancy aside, I realise it's a hard job to come up with an icon which epitomises an abstract concept, and they're good once you understand what they do - but I don't think they convey enough meaning in a 30px square.