Geoprocessing History to Model Builder or Task

Idea created by bkratcha on Dec 18, 2017
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    In ArcGIS Pro, it would be a nice enhancement to be able to select multiple geoprocessing history records and use a right-click menu to send them all right into a new model or new task.


    Presently, you can create a new model in Pro, select multiple geoprocessing history records and drag them into your model. They come in disconnected and poorly laid out. I realize that cherry-picking geoprocesses from the history doesn't always mean the output of one is equal to the input of another but I'm sure you folks can figure something out.


    Similarly with creating a task. I don't think there is a way to even drag and drop a history record into a task but it would be really easy if I could select several and immediately create a task.


    This idea runs parallel with another post regarding the ability to record a macro:


    Thanks for listening.