Need to stop editing without saving in arcgis pro

Idea created by Statskog_gis on Dec 15, 2017
    • Statskog_gis
    • tpcolson
    In Statskog we have a lot of unversioned feature classes in our large and complex geodatabases, and for several reasons they will not be versioned in the future.
    In ArcMap we have the ability to uncheck “Automatically save changes after edit”, which is important when our users are editing unversioned data. We strongly need the opportunity to stop editing without saving in Arcgis pro as well. We cannot convert to ArcGis pro before this functionality is in place.

    This was marked by Kory Kramer  as a Duplicate of In ArcGIS PRO allow formal edit sessions for unversioned data in an enterprise GDB Please see that idea to vote and add comments.  Thank you!